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The Dollar General has spent decades becoming a household name in America. Their business model revolves around having fun, everyday products that are priced at or under one dollar. They pride themselves on having clean, organized stores with tons of offerings for people of all ages. The leadership at the Dollar General strives to create a store that surprises and delights while staying budget friendly.

In addition to the thousands of nationwide locations, the Dollar General website also showcases tens of thousands of items found in the store plus more. It is a great place to go if you need more of an item than the store carries, if you are looking for arts and craft ideas, or simply searching for inspiration for a project with the kids. The website offer special deals and access to their exclusive Value Seekers Club. From the stores to the web, Dollar General makes it easy to access their inventory.

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  1. I shop Dollar General also every day! I love the fact that no matter where I am shopping around town one is always near. Its great!

  2. I always enjoy shopping at my Dollar General Store. Everyone is friendly and always available to help me find what I’m looking for. They all know me by name and greet me at the door.
    I shop there atleast 3 times a week. Because its close, I don’t have to drive to the big stores and always seem to find what I need at Dollar General.

  3. I always shop at Dollar General store there is one always near by great prices great products great people and great service love it

  4. Love your stores! Have most anything that I’m looking for & a friendly employee around to help me find something if I can’t!

  5. I love Dollar General it’s a really good place to go because it’s not really a lot of money and you have really really nice people there and it’s just a good place to go and it’s right by people’s houses and that’s really good so that’s what I say and I like Dollar General.

  6. I love the store..But the store in my hometown..witch is Bellwood pa..Jo the marg is not doing his Job .the shelf are empty any more…It use to be nice till you hired this guy..Im not the only one from bellwood who is upset about this..We have a lot of older people in are very small town..That go to this store..If you want us all shopping there, if think you need to come see for your self.Please HELP THE OLDER PEOPLE IN ARE TOWN !..They shouldnt have to go somewhere else to shop!The date today Oct 3rd 2018..HELP!

  7. I love Dollar general. the store in Burkburnett TX is really looking good and has finally got friendly employee’s

  8. we have a new dollar general store in our area they have most everything you are looking for the employees are very helpful.

  9. Had a great visit at dollar general on hickory & 7mile store clean and Ms.T was very helpful and kind need more employees like her always nice and polite when I visit the store

  10. i buy all my cleaning and paper supplies at Dollar General.I love browsing. whatever I go in for, I always come out with alot more.Beauty products,Toys,beauty products,soda,food, every thing you need, all in one place at Dollar General. And everything is reasonable.

  11. Like shopping at dg stores.could improve in decor for the home and a fresherselection of clothing apparel for ladies and men.

  12. i’m disabled and have poor vision , i like the layout of your store in anderson mo , store code 03801 , because i know where everything is ,and that helps us people that can’t see , and the hometown friendly workers there are very helpful and polite , greeting everybody with a smile warm welcome that makes your bad days turn into a wonderful time , and they just make you feel good to shop there . i wish more stores were like that . you don’t get that at WAL-MART . thank you and all your staff .

  13. Dollar General in Trimble,Mo
    Fits my needs, i usually shop there nearly every day. It saves me time and money, and the employees are so helpful and friendly

  14. Usually go to Dollar General a couple of times a week. Usually find everything I want or need, the staff is helpful and friendly and the prices are great.

  15. The first thing you notice about DG is that they finally cleaned up the stores and organized it. Now it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and even the people that work there seems to be more polite in helping a customer. About 5 years ago I wouldn’t even go into one of the stores because they were a mess and it was hard to find anything. Now they’re spacious and nice. I love going into the stores now to look for bargains and you always find some. Thanks for the cleanups, because I had stopped going to your stores and started going to Family Dollars stores.I really hated going to FD. You don’t find as many bargains there and if they do have some bargains it’s usually for something that useless and most customers really don’t want it or need it. Your employees are friendlier to. About 2 years ago I had a run in with one of your managers. This guy should not be a manager. I stopped going to the store until he was gone permanently. A cashier told me when he was gone.

    Thanks for the cleanup and getting the store organized.

  16. I just learning how to coupon and I went to DG to use my online coupon to get 5 off any 20$ purchase on any gain product, well long store short the online coupons did not work i brought Gain flings that rang up 13.95 when the price on the shelf said 11.00 which the person did not rectify for me or try to help me with seeing why my coupons did not work, they seemed annoyed with me asking for help and was like ” well we are going to have to void everything out and start over. long story short, paying 73.19 for stuff I could have got cheaper at Walmart. if i didnt have my 7yr with me i would have made them void everything and walked out. its all good tho.

  17. I would like to thank you for replacing the manager at the Coarsegold Dollar General store,now I walk in and greeted with a smile and happy people. The experience of kind helpful people even if you don’t ask is rewarding. I don’t do alot of shopping but I really like the clover products you sell. I’m not a user friendly person but sometimes your aps are hard to get into for the surveys. Thanks again (“).

  18. I love dollar General always have great deals and people always are nice in making sure you fine what you need in the store

  19. DG has always been my main “one stop” shopping venue. My family and I frequently travel and know where ever we may go, we always have access to our favorite store for any basic necessities and if one store is either out or short on a particular items … you can be sure there’s another one around the corner for continued convenience! I can honestly say that EVERY shopping experience I and my family have had has been Enjoyable and cost saving. I look forward to using my $5 coupons EVERY weekend. I would like to especially express my personal appreciation to the entire staff at both of the Ozark, Alabama locations. These are the main locations that I shop weekly as I am a resident of that area.

  20. To Dollar General:
    I am a regular at your store. I am from Munfordville, Ky. in Hart County. Our area store is a mess. Its never clean. No key to the bathroom and when there is one its awful. The asles are shambles. There is inventory not put up and crowding the asles. We hope we get a better, more organized, cleaned Dollar Store soon. I was not able to get to enter for the $100 gift card. It was very disturbing I sure could of used the gift card. Thanks,
    Marcia Sanders


  22. I sure found everything that I was looking for this stores is my faviort store it’s easy and affordable prices ,, and costumers are greatful

  23. I like to shop at Dollar General because they have most of the things I need and shopping there is usually quicker and does not involve a lot of walking.

  24. I love shopping at DG we all here are going through a lot with this hurricane Michael everyone there are keeping their heads up high helping every customer and as sweet as they can I just won’t to say thank you to DG and there workers

  25. dollar general is my favorite all encompensing convience store. I find everything I need quickly and thouroughly, at a good price.

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