This retailing company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was actually founded 135 years ago in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Life savings were poured into the opening of the first grocery store to bear the name. He was very particular about the goods he was selling, making sure that he never sold anything that he didn’t personally want.

Innovation after innovation made the store stand out from the rest. He began making his own bread so that customers no longer had to go to a bakery. This was a time when most articles were kept behind counters and people would ask for what they need from the clerks. He converted his stores to self-service shopping in 1916. Product quality monitoring and food testing were also implemented in the 1930s. It is no wonder that Kroger became a highly trusted brand.

Kroger Headquarters Address:

  • Address: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Phone: (513) 762-4000
  • Fax: (513) 762-1575
  • Twitter IDs: @KrogerCo

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