The Home Depot, Inc.

Home Depot and its management team have consistently striven for fairness, competitive pricing models and above average customer service. They insist that their staff is well trained and scheduled appropriately to assist the volume of business each day. From do-it-yourself types to professional contractors, Home Depot has the supplies and the know how to get the job done.

Everyone is familiar with the tall, looming shelves of lumber; the glowing home lighting sections; and the always buzzing paint section. Home Depot serves millions every year across the globe and having insight into the day to day operations is of utmost importance to the leadership.

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  2. I have tried to enter survey but can not get any farther than press to
    enter survey after the question english. Also how do you actually
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    • I too have tried to complete the survey and get no further than “Begin survey” …. click on that and nothing happens ???? Tried starting from starting all over again and still same results.

  3. we don’t have a store in our home town i have to travel to ponce to shop,in the local hardware we have to pay in advance for construction material before we could see it then go with your pay stub to the ware house to make turn to pickup your articles is time consuming and they don’t carry some items versus home depot everything is visible organize accessible and available.

  4. I recently made a purchase in the Garden Shop and had the pleasure of being served by Pablo Alonso, he was very friendly and helpful. There was a long line and he was very busy, but he handled everyone with respect and professional customer service. The line went very quickly and the took good care of me. Thank You Pablo ! Good Luck My Friend

  5. I Recently made a purchase from home depot and wish to enter and do the $5000 gift card survey.. I tried doing it on homedepot website but it does not work for me.

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  7. I was interested in purchasing a storm door at the Lake Delton,WI store and was greeted by your retail associate Rick D. He was very informative, friendly, polite, and eager to show me the product and the various options. I was very pleased at his ability to show me other products without getting too ascertive.

  8. I recently made a purchase on a lawnmower. And had a pleasure meeting Tony.He has excellent customer service and he was so professional and polite.
    Thanks my friend…..

  9. Home Depot carries a great line yard/garden tools. I really enjoy using my Echo chain saw and especially my brand new
    Rioby chain saw. Most of all your store personnel have all been very helpful towards helping me find the tools I am looking for.


  11. purchased a cordless vacuum. Andrew,the cashier,helped with a credit app. Everything went smooth. Got 25 dollars off for applying, and another 25 dollars for coming in at a time the store was offering 25 dollars off for coming in that week. Saved 50 dollars on my purchased. Thanks Home Depot!

  12. Just visited the store, cashier was very friendly and serviceable but they would not honor my veteran ID for military discount I asked for the manager whom was very rude and wouldn’t even take the time to speak to me. As a veteran I felt disrespected. Horrible experience and will never return to a Home Depot store nor will anyone in my family or immediate friends after I told them about it. A store that does not show respect for the military does not deserve military families business or hard earned dollars. Lowe’s shows great respect for military families and honors them as they pass through every register.

  13. John in the electrical dept. Homewood home depot has been helping me for I guessed was 20 years…but he kindly corrected me and said 19…what a asset to your company…thanks,John

  14. John has been helping me for twenty years…john politely corrected me and said 19yrs
    ..what and asset for your company…thanks,John

  15. Shopping at Home Depot means that you’re at your own home because the way that the customer service welcome you, the way that they help you even when you wouldn’t buy a lot the way that they smile to you you won’t realize that you buy more than you wished. The products are not expensive. I love shopping at Home Depot❤️

  16. my husband and I are satisfied with our experience with Gary Miller at your Apple Valley Mn store. We knew nothing about ordering or installing a back door. We were given many door to chose from and were very pleased with his knowledge and his help.

  17. I just had the best experience in Huntsville ON Canada home depot. Spending money was a pleasure. Especially thanks to Ms.Estelle, Mr. Hugo and Mr. Terry. You’re the best. Thanks

  18. Great customer service from Mr. Hamidreza, # 184 00018 6269 very aware of process & procedures. No decision wasted time!! A get it done and move on guy, all done with a pleasant positive and friendly customer oriented attitude.

  19. Had a great experience yesterday buying a new faucets. A young man seen me, came up and helped me find what I needed. Thank you for hiring good help.

  20. I recently made a purchase on a Samsung washer and dryer combo and I love every minute of it. Our representative help me and my husband save a lot of money.

  21. Pilar was a very attentive host noticing my health condition as I came into The Home Depot in Deerwood MIAMI I think store # 6976 my blood glucose went dangerously low causing Hypoglycemia, I confirmed my condition, and asked for a sugar snack she acted immediately and got me a snack I paused theft eating my snack 15 minutes later I regained strength. Homo Depot is a friendly spot always especially Deerwood, Pinecrest & Cuttlerbay
    I’m really thankful to apilar at Deerwood, GOD bless her. She is a great person.

  22. I had great service from 2 employees .Jessica and Robert at Home Depot in Lubbock ,Texas. The store on 50th st.So very nice and helpful.I will return to that store.I would like a chance to win the 5,000 .00 dollars. Great job guys, keep up the good work. God Bless.

  23. I tried to enter survey but couldn’t seem to get to work. Just purchased 51 gal. recycle bin was very happy with helpful staff.They reminded me to do survey for chance to win 3000.00 gift card . Thanks Home Depot

  24. On 10/21/18 I went to the Home Depot on Virginia Beach Boulevard to exchange two items because they didn’t fit in my bathroom. I dealt with a guy named Wallace. This was a really good experience for me. This guy is a great ambassador for your store. While he was helping me he helped several other people that approached us with questions. Don’t know his last name, but Wallace gets my vote for employee of the month. There was another guy that was also very helpful to me, but I didn’t catch his name. Great store, great people! Thanks.

  25. Ron was awesome to work with at the Belton, MO store! My son is building a new house and the $5,000 would go a long way!!

  26. My wife and I had a great experience at the Glendale store in San Fernando RD
    from two of your employee. One working in the light department, and he was very helpful to choose a ceiling fan (sorry I forgot his name)and Gerardo in the garden department. Never had a bad experience.

  27. Hello how you doing I just came across my receipt and I would like for a contact number cuz I have couple questions I would like to ask please thank you and have a blessed day

  28. First of all I would like to thank Stacey MC from the Euclid store salesperson number is slm4321 you made a hard decision very easy for me you took the time to help me shop for the right BBQ Grill you are truly an amazing salesperson has a customer I wish I could clone you so we will have more sales people like you you truly deserve to be employee of the month I really called your manager this morning to talk to him to thank him for hiring somebody like you I could tell the respect that people in the store ad for you because everybody addressed you as Miss Stacy I also want to thank Tiffany who was your partner that day while you took care of me she took care of other customers without a frown on her face you too I what I consider a great team your manager told me you have meetings to discuss these things I told him I wish I could be at the meeting to let everyone know how special and wonderful you are but I did ask him to give you a big hug for me from Lee mr. Ware thank you for helping me find the perfect Grill.

  29. Thank you for helping find the perfect blinds for my door. The 1”-11”x 50” cordless custom blinds are exactly what I needed to cover the side light windows on my door.

  30. The nice associate in tile was helpful and had me rolling with a Chinese radio conversation. He went out of his way to find what I couldn’t (black pebbles in a mosaic instead of earth tone). The store was clean and all the staff greeted customers as the walked by. Our cashier was happy, helpful and fun.

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