Gap Customer Feedback Survey

Gap is an American umbrella brand that stands alone and also as the mother company of many other well-known brands. What has made Gap so popular over the years is not only its traditional and classic style but also its ability to keep up with the times. This is what prompted the brand to create the Gap Customer feedback survey to give customers a direct line to executive ears.

In fact, it has often been said that many of Gap’s best ideas have come from its audience. This is why it is so important for customers of the brand to speak up and let the company know when they get it right and when they get it wrong so that they can continue to improve as a brand for you and your family.

How to Take the Gap Customer Feedback Survey

Terms and Conditions:

  • Gap asks that you do not send creative ideas due to copyright issues.
  • Any feedback may be used for publishing without the need for consent.


  1. Go to
  2. Visit the country in which you are taking the survey in. You can choose from the United States, France, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom. You can also pick a language here in certain instances.
  3. Enter the date of your purchase into the text box. It must not be more than 7 days past the date of purchase in order to participate.
  4. Enter the time you made your purchase.
  5. Enter the 5 digit store number.
  6. Enter the transaction number.
  7. Enter the 3 digit register number.
  8. Confirm that you are over 18 and not a robot. (Hey, this is a new age, after all!)
  9. Answer the remaining questions openly and honestly to ensure that you make a difference.


Gap wants you to help it make itself better for the future generation and for the present-tense too. When you give your feedback to Gap, you are giving it the gift of helping it to not only stay successful but to become more successful. Your best marketing team is sometimes your very own customers.

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