Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

Nike is a company that cares about its customers more than most. In fact, anytime that Nike has found itself in controversy it always works its hardest to satisfy all of its customers. This is what has made Nike one of the most successful companies in the world. In fact, its logo is among one of the most recognizable the world over.

Because Nike cares so much about its customers, it created the Nike customer satisfaction survey to open up a line of communication for its customers to tell it just how it feels about its products and its service. When you take the time to tell Nike how you feel about your experience, you are taking the time to make a difference in not only the business but in your life as well, making Nike a better business for you and your family, as well.

How to Take the Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey

Terms and Conditions:

  • Nike employees and their families cannot participate in the Nike customer satisfaction survey.
  • The survey must be concluded within 7 days of your purchase.
  • You cannot take the survey without your receipt.
  • Nike reserves the right to use any comments you give during the survey for the purpose of marketing its merchandise.


  1. Go to to begin your Nike survey.
  2. Choose the language that you wish to take the survey in from an option of 4 choices.
  3. Enter your 15-20 digit survey code found on your receipt into the text box to continue.
  4. Click “next” and proceed to answer the questions provided and rate each category honestly.
  5. Submit your survey.


Nike is a company that cares about its brand and how it is portrayed. This is why your feedback is so important to the company. Not only this, but Nike wants to be the best that it can be your family so that it can serve you for years to come.

Take the time out of your day today to tell Nike what you think about your experience, their service, and their products. When you do, Nike will listen and make changes where change is necessary.

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